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[texts]101 Atari Computer Programming Tips & Tricks
A nice book on programming the Atari computer
Keywords: atari computer programming retro
Downloads: 1,083
[texts]Advanced Programming Techniques for the Atari
a book on programming the atari computer
Keywords: atari computer programming retro
Downloads: 324
[image]Atari Computer Camps Logo
The Atari Computer Camps logo, scanned from a binder that was given out to campers.
Keywords: Atari computer camp; Atari 800; Atari logo
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (November 1985)

Keywords: byte; atari; variable; ohio; xmodem; program; basic; characters; variables; pointer; atari computer; warren lieuallen; byte array
Downloads: 17
[texts]Atari User (UK) Issue 41

Keywords: atari; ihe; program; xio; epson; disc; loadsa; graphics; games; user; atari user; public domain; atari computer
Downloads: 268
[texts]A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing Magazine Insert Issue 26

Keywords: analog; atari; subscription; computer; postage; computing; cassette; magazine; disk; owners; computer owners; analog computing; atari computer; additional postage
Downloads: 43
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (June 1987)

Keywords: bbs; sysop; acec; newsletter; atari; program; fuji; adr; screen; fuji facts; direct screen; machine code; computer enthusiasts; atari computer
Downloads: 20
[texts]A.N.A.L.O.G. Computing Magazine Insert Issue 43

Keywords: analog; load; atari; basic; postage; computing; disk; programs; subscription; ext; basic load; analog computing; bas basic; atari computer; additional postage
Downloads: 61
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (May 1987)

Keywords: atari; ogre; program; atar; chapter; color; commands; disk; fuji; computer; fuji facts; atari computer; atar atar; light pen; computer enthusiasts
Downloads: 24
[texts]Atari 400 Owners Guide (1980)(Atari)
Atari 400 Owners Guide (1980)(Atari)
Keywords: atari; computer; cartridge; switch; antenna; labeled; connect; insert; plug; power; switch box; atari computer; cartridge door; basic computer; atari basic
Downloads: 82
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (February 1986)

Keywords: adventure; atari; pin; ohio; computer; bbs; ram; wire; player; vocabulary; pin number; action table; adventure writer; vocabulary action; ring detector; phone wire; inf ocom; atari computer
Downloads: 19
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (November 1987)

Keywords: atari; genie; bbs; compuserve; acec; messages; sysop; software; newsletter; baud; warren lieuallen; message base; bulletin board; special interest; software library; main menu; fuji facts; complete listing; atari computer
Downloads: 17
[texts]Atari User (UK) Issue 10

Keywords: atari; software; program; graphics; user; data; ram; ihe; computer; erm; atari user; machine code; operating system; atari computer; credit card; assembly language; silica shop; atari hardware
Downloads: 205
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 6 Number 06 (Football Predictor)
Antic Magazine Vol. 6 No. 6 - October 1987 - Football Predictor * Users Group Of The Month ACENET Boosts User Power 17 SoCal groups join forces by Gregg Pearlman * Starting Out Atari Animation Lesson 5: Introducing Bit-Mapping by Robin Alan Sherer * Antic Prompter Your next speech goes scrolling by by Heidi Brumbaugh * Education Maverick Atari School Idaho kids program Lego robots by Gregg Pearlman * Checkbook Balancer End bounced checks the easy way by Rod Saylor * Football Predictor Beat the V...
Keywords: atari; antic; disk; program; gosub; poke; graphics; data; disk drive; software; antic prompter; atari computer; atari resource; antic software; print shop; software library
Downloads: 199
[texts]Atari 800 Owners Guide (1981)(Atari)
Atari 800 Owners Guide (1981)(Atari)
Keywords: atari; computer; program; switch; cartridge; graphics; key; puter; programs; characters; switch box; atari basic; atari computer; programming language; printing speed; memory modules; atari memory
Downloads: 85
[texts]Atari Connection - Volume 3 Number 1 (1983-03)(Atari)(US)
Atari Connection - Volume 3 Number 1 (1983-03)(Atari)(US)
Keywords: atari; computer; program; print; data; atari basic; electronic; graphics; animation; atari computer; atari connection; club med; bulletin board; dear atari; electronic bulletin; data file; direct connect; board systems
Downloads: 161
[texts]ComputerKontakt Magazine (German) Issue 07

Keywords: call; den; und; goto; computer; turbo worm; spectrum; kontakt; sie; print; computer kontakt; fur den; computer kontam; call sound; schneider cpc; nach dem; fiir den; atari computer
Downloads: 129
[texts]Atari Explorer (1985-02)(Atari)(US)
Atari Explorer (1985-02)(Atari)(US)
Keywords: atari; computer; program; explorer; graphics; screen; goto; computers; atari explorer; atari computer; word processor; bulletin board; atari computers; public domain; personal computer; human player; data data; dear atari
Downloads: 131
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 3 Number 05 (Graphics)
Antic Magazine Vol. 3 No. 5 - September 1984 - Computer Graphics * Starting Out Unlocking the 56 Graphics Modes by Paul Chabot * Atari Art Printouts Modern art on a dot matrix printer by Josepha Haveman * Toolbox Customizing Basic Key Functions by Mike Fleischmann * Communications Networking News by Michael Ciraolo * Computer Graphics Product Survey Unlocking the art inside you, Steve Gibson by David Duberman, David Plotkin, Nat Friedland * Easy Graphic Converter Mix and match graphics from four...
Keywords: atari; disk; data; program; sta; software; antic; graphics; atari resource; lda; touch tablet; speed learning; micro illustrator; machine language; light pen; movie maker; atari computer; disk drive
Downloads: 225
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 04 (Space Games Reviewed)

Keywords: atari; program; disk; graphics; data; software; text; computer; programs; atari computer; text wizard; machine language; mike deschenes; data base; santa cruz; residents add; star trek; data tape
Downloads: 349
[texts]Atari User (UK) Issue 29

Keywords: atari; software; ihe; disc; disk; code; poke; tor; program; data; mini office; machine code; atari user; atari users; atari computer; operating system; centronics printer
Downloads: 205
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 25 (Holiday Issue)

Keywords: atari; program; disk; analog; data; basic; computing; ctrl; mmg; computer; analog computing; computing issue; disk drive; machine language; operating system; money order; atari computer
Downloads: 385
[texts]Atari User (UK) Issue 09

Keywords: atari; ihe; software; program; disc; computer; gem; screen; epson; user; disc drive; atari user; atari computer; word processor; word processing; screen editor; machine code; atari hardware
Downloads: 240
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 16

Keywords: atari; poke; gosub; data; program; goto; disk; software; published; data data; disk drive; atari basic; operating system; character set; atari computer; tool kit; scott adams; machine code
Downloads: 499
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 21 (Printer Utilities)

Keywords: lda; sta; data; atari; jsr; disk; bne; cmp; rts; analog computing; lda sta; sta lda; disk drive; computing issue; atari computer; machine language; lda cmp
Downloads: 339
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 3 Number 08 (Buyers Guide)
Antic Magazine Vol. 3 No. 8 - December 1984 - Buyer's Guide * Assembly Language All About I/O by Mark Andrews * Bannertizer Print Large Signs To Welcome The Holidays by John Bauman * Game of the Month Biffdrop by J. D. Casten * Communications So You Want To Start A Bulletin Board? by Suzi Subeck * Buyer's Guide 125 Best Products For Your Atari by Anita Malnig, Nat Friedland, Jack Powell, Michael Ciraolo, Charles Jackson * Editorial by James Capparell * Education Tips On Buying Educational Softwa...
Keywords: atari; disk; software; program; computer; graphics; data; antic; poke; programs; double density; atari computers; disk drive; atari computer; atari resource; residents add; atari basic; assembly language; machine language
Downloads: 229
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 48 (Atari Status Report)

Keywords: data; atari; disk; software; gosub; graphics; analog; lda; program; printer; analog computing; disk drive; computing november; money order; residents add; atari computer; machine language; toll free
Downloads: 1,773
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 2 Number 12 (The International Atari)
Antic Magazine Vol. 2 No. 12 - March 1984 - The International Atari * Forth Factory 6502 Disassembler by John Mattes * Atari Around the World A Worldwide Community of Interest * Inside Atari Atari International by Robert DeWitt * Starting Line Atari's Cinderella by Fred Pinho * Atari's Olympic Team U.S. Women Go For The Gold Medal by David Barry * Game Of The Month Centurion by Jeff Greenway * Dear Antic Letters From Around the World * Diskread Check Those Mysterious Disk Sectors by Martin Rex *...
Keywords: atari; disk; computer; goto; poke; antic; software; program; color; graphics; residents add; character set; atari resource; atari computer; disk drive; actrl actrl; money order; atari computers; operating system
Downloads: 328
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 47 (DLI Tutorial Deathzone)

Keywords: data; atari; program; disk; software; analog; lda; graphics; computing; computer; analog computing; disk drive; star raiders; computing october; inverse ctrl; print shop; atari computer; machine language
Downloads: 1,029
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (July 1987)

Keywords: atari; acec; disk; daisy; newsletter; program; dot; articles; newsletters; fuji facts; character set; atari magazine; atari computer; print shop; graphics library; atari character; acec disk
Downloads: 19
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 56 (Four-Star Software)

Keywords: data; atari; lda; analog; program; disk; sta; jsr; computing; gosub; analog computing; inverse ctrl; disk drive; machine language; device handler; print shop; word processor; atari computer
Downloads: 1,054
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 19 (Telecommunications)

Keywords: atari; lda; sta; disk; analog; program; data; computing; software; game; analog computing; computing issue; disk drive; inverse ctrl; lda sta; game idea; atari computer; machine language; sta lda
Downloads: 376
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 5 Number 06 (Hard Drives)
Antic Magazine Vol. 5 No. 6 - October 1986 - Hard Disks for Atari * Antic Online * Bonus Files: Degas images * Education Castle Colorful bonus game for 8-bit and ST by Tracy Hershey, Lori Hershey, Bill Marquardt * Starting Out The Great Goto Debate New owners column sparks controversy by Patrick Bass, Frank Hayes * Hard Disks for the Atari Why you'll want one! by Nat Friedland * Three Hard Disks for the ST Atari 20Mb, Supradrive and Habadisk 10Mb by Patrick Bass * Help! * Inside a Hard Disk 'Lik...
Keywords: atari; disk; program; poke; antic; color; software; data; hard disk; graphics; atari computer; disk drive; software library; hard disks; print shop; antic software; atari resource
Downloads: 360
[texts]Atari User (UK) Issue 35

Keywords: atari; ihe; software; disc; byte; user; basic; program; thai; atari user; graphics; floating point; point number; disc drive; crystal ball; bit image; atari computer; atari basic; alexandra palace
Downloads: 172
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 38

Keywords: atari; data; poke; disk; user; software; program; games; graphics; atari user; disk drive; turbo basic; machine code; public domain; operating system; educational software; rem poke; atari computer
Downloads: 291
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 2 Number 08 (Sound and Music)
Antic Magazine Vol. 2 No. 8 - November 1983 - Sound & Music * In The Public Domain Air Raid 2000 by Erik Wolpaw * Antic Pix Gifts Genesis II, Mosaic 64K Ram select, Koalapad, Soundtrap Stretch, Balans Chair, Cs 1632 Cabinet, Taxan Monitors, Macinker, Spider Pac, Black Max, Volksmodem * Survey of APX Sound Products by David Duberman * Dragonsmoke Casting Characteristics by Bob Albrecht, George Firedrake * I/O Board * Here's Looking At You, S.A.M.! Software voice without screen blanking by Jerry W...
Keywords: atari; program; data; poke; sound; computer; software; disk; atari resource; goto; atari basic; disk drive; money order; data data; atari computer; residents add; machine language
Downloads: 191
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 18 (Adventure)

Keywords: lda; atari; data; sta; jsr; jmp; disk; print; program; ldx; analog computing; inverse ctrl; computing issue; machine language; lda sta; disk drive; sta lda; atari computer; residents add
Downloads: 462
[texts]Atari Computer Enthusiasts/Fuji Facts Newsletter (July 1986)

Keywords: atari; equ; basic; oss; systext; rambo; assembler; columbus; ramdisk; lieuallen; atari computer; warren lieuallen; systext file; atari basic; systext files; macro assembler; machine language; hard disk; assembler editor
Downloads: 21
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 2 Number 10 (Printer Survey)
Antic Magazine Vol. 2 No. 10 - January 1984 - Special Printer Issue * Atari And Epson A Matter Of Control by Douglas MacKay * Education Atari Tapes by Paul Waxman * A Cable For Your Printer The Centronics Connection by Robert DeWitt * Tape Topics Calling All Tapes by James Luczak * The Blossoming of Computer Art Create it with your Atari and a printer by Charles Bennett * Disk Label Printer Epson/Graftrax Plus Packs Them In by Richard Kushner * Doing The Dip-Switch Doodle Printer Control Begins ...
Keywords: atari; poke; program; disk; graphics; goto; data; printer; atari resource; ctrl; typo table; machine language; disk drive; dealer inquiries; odd man; atari computer; residents add; data bit
Downloads: 390
[texts]Input Output - Issue 01 (1982-12)(Atari)(GB)
Input Output - Issue 01 (1982-12)(Atari)(GB)
Keywords: atari; computer; program; graphics; sound; gtia; user; serafine; frank; film; atari computer; sound effects; user groups; atari connection; user group; pilot program; computer games; computer club
Downloads: 64
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 21

Keywords: poke; data; atari; program; gosub; software; goto; disk; error; mail order; return rem; flight simulator; disk drive; data data; machine code; esc ctrl; atari computer; radio navigation
Downloads: 329
[texts]Antic Magazine Volume 2 Number 04 (Adventure Games)
Antic Magazine Vol. 2 No. 4 - July 1983 - Computing: the New Adventure * 400 Upgrade Keyed Up And RAMing To Go by George Adamson * Adventuring Participate In Fantasy by David Small, Sandy Small * Antic Pix Adventure Seven Adventure Games by Deborah Burns * Atari Clinic by Steve Switzer * Computer Quiz by Guy Hurt * Conserve RAM With BASIC's USR Function by Jerry White * Games Department Dial-A-Game by Deborah Burns * Inside Atari E.T...
Keywords: atari; disk; program; computer; game; ctrl; programs; software; atari resource; adventure; adventure game; operating system; disk drive; residents add; machine language; atari basic; atari computer; dealer inquiries
Downloads: 437
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 03 (Computer Languages)

Keywords: atari; program; software; poke; gosub; disk; data; basic; goto; data base; letter perfect; atari computer; atari basic; lee pappas; quality software; basic program; atari computers; touch typing
Downloads: 378
[texts]Page 6 Magazine Issue 12

Keywords: data; poke; atari; disk; program; goto; ctrl; software; graphics; disk drive; enemy gangster; rescue mission; esc ctrl; write protect; service centre; graphics mode; competition winner; atari computer
Downloads: 282
[audio]Michael Current Interview - Atari 8-bit FAQ publisher - Kevin Savetz
Interview with Michael Current (mcurrent.name) publisher of the Atari 8-Bit FAQ.This is the unedited version of the interview. An edited version appears in episode 10 of Antic: The Atari 8-Bit Podcast (www.AtariPodcast.com)
Keywords: Atari 8-bit; Atari 800; Atari 400; SPACE - Saint Paul Atari Computer Enthusiasts; Usenet newsgroups; Cleveland Free-Net; FAQ lists; Frequently Asked Questions and Answers; comp.sys.atari.8bit newsgroup; BITNET
Downloads: 6
[texts]User's Guide to the Atari (1983)(Publications International)

Keywords: screen; atari; program; key; computer; cursor; press; software; programs; cartridge; memo pad; control key; return key; atari computer; basic cartridge; shift key; backup copy; arrow key; word processing; press return
Downloads: 119
[texts]Atari 800XL, The - A Practical Guide (1985)(Sybex)

Keywords: atari; computer; program; programs; color; disk; print; graphics; guide; type; inner loop; graphics mode; practical guide; rodnay zaks; disk drive; atari computer; advanced graphics; atari computers; program recorder; statement number
Downloads: 109
[texts]Atari 1200XL Owners Guide (1982)(Atari)
Atari 1200XL Owners Guide (1982)(Atari)
Keywords: atari; computer; program; switch; puter; keyboard; cursor; key; cable; screen; switch box; word atari; second time; disk drive; atari computer; program recorder; press control; press help; help key; graphics characters
Downloads: 83
[texts]Atari 1200XL Home Computer Owner's Guide (1982)(Atari)
Atari 1200XL Home Computer Owner's Guide (1982)(Atari)
Keywords: atari; computer; program; switch; puter; key; keyboard; cursor; cable; screen; switch box; word atari; second time; disk drive; atari computer; program recorder; press control; press help; help key; graphics characters
Downloads: 63
[texts]Analog Computing Magazine Issue 17 (Disk Isssue Planetary Defense)

Keywords: lda; atari; sta; disk; data; program; analog; byte; bta; programs; analog computing; lda sta; disk drive; computing issue; sta lda; inverse ctrl; machine language; atari computer; disk drives; low byte
Downloads: 249
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